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Today’s top health news

The BBC reports CT scans can triple the risk of children developing leukaemia and brain cancer. Despite a very small absolute risk, scientists called for greater efforts to ensure use of the 3D X-rays is justified. British-led scientists studied data on around 180,000 patients under the age of 22 who had CT scans at UK hospitals between 1985 and 2002. Their cancer rates were compared with those from the general population, reported in the UK National Health Service Registry. The results showed children younger than 15 would receive enough radiation from two to three head CT scans to triple their risk of developing brain cancer.

Accountancy firm PwC has won a £3.4m contract to help with the assessment and authorisation of prospective clinical commissioning groups, writes The HSJ. The contract was awarded by the NHS Commissioning Board, which will now review and make decisions about 212 CCGs before January next year. The board will hold visits, panel sessions, and review survey results in each CCG area, along with large amounts of documentation. It is likely the accountancy firm will advise on whether similar standards and approaches are being applied across the country.


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Today’s top health news

A new study has found the number of women diagnosed with cervical cancer under the age of 35 has risen, reports Telegraph.co.uk. A report by the charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust says that incidence of the illness is up by... Read more

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Today’s top health news

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Today’s top health news

The Scotsman reports, a large clinical trial on the effectiveness of a new test to detect heart attacks is currently under way in Scotland, which is hoped will confirm earlier research showing heart attacks could be diagnosed in twice as... Read more

Today’s top health news

An X-ray phase-contrast tomography imaging technique has been used to read from a burnt, rolled-up scroll buried by Mount Vesuvius in AD79, reports BBC News.Attempts have been made previously to read the scroll previously using infra-red cameras and CT scans,... Read more