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Today’s top health stories

BBC News Online has reported on a study published in Nature, which has revealed breast cancer should be classified as 10 separate diseases. According to the journal, the categories could help improve treatment by allowing tailored drugs to be used according to a patient’s specific type of breast cancer. The international team of scientists looked at frozen breast cancer samples from around 2,000 women at hospitals in the UK and Canada. Cancer Research UK described the findings as a “landmark” and added it would begin using the new criteria in clinical trials if funded.

The creation of health and wellbeing boards (HWBs) marking the return of public health to local authorities is a “seismic shift and a significant opportunity” says the Guardian. However, it highlights there are limits to representation, and that not everyone with a local stake will be able to sit on the new bodies. The report argues while some HWBs will not have district council representation there remains opportunities for districts to be involved, including ensuring limited funds are being spent more efficiently.

The HSJ has reported on a letter issued by the Chairman of Monitor, the independent regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts, who issued a negative assessment of savings acute trusts must be prepared to make over in the coming three years. David Bennett wrote to trust CEOs stating cost improvement plans would have to be delivered “on an even more ambitious scale going forward,” following predictions for saving requirements rose from 4.5% to 5.5% for the next two financial years.



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Today’s top health news

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Today’s top health news

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Today’s top health news

The Scotsman reports, patients suffering from rare and end-of-life conditions will be given extra hope as funding for new treatments has been doubled to £80 million. The New Medicines Fund will have the extra cash this year to pay for... Read more

Today’s top health news

Mounting pressures on NHS cancer services are beginning to impact on the country’s ability to deliver world-leading science and life-saving medical breakthroughs, reports Independent.co.uk. The NHS is home to internationally-renowned cancer scientists and specialist centres such as the Royal Marsden... Read more

Today’s top health news

David Cameron is set to pledge to deliver the world’s first seven day-a-week universal health service that will guarantee care to patients “wherever they are and whenever they need it”, reports The Guardian.A GP access fund, which will ensure that... Read more