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Today’s top stories

The Guardian reports on an announcement from the Iranian intelligence minister who has said that Iran has detained several ‘spies’ following the attack on industrial systems by the Stuxnet worm. Suspicions have grown in the country of late that the worm may have been designed as much to spy on the systems as to destroy them.

BT continues to be in the news this week as the BBC reports how the telecoms company is seeking a suspension on legal applications to obtain details of its customers who are alleged to have illegally shared files online.  The request for legal action comes after a high profile data breach at London law firm ACS: Law saw thousands of customer details from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) including BT owned PlusNet published online.  Law firm Gallant Macmillan are involved in the case and are seeking a court order to obtain the names and addresses of a large number of broadband users from PlusNet, BskyB and Be Internet who are suspected of illegally downloading and sharing music from high profile record label, Ministry of Sound. The action by PlusNet to send the personal details in an unencrypted document to ACS:Law, could put BT in breach of the DataProtectionAct.



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Today’s top tech news

60 per cent of local authorities don’t know how much sensitive data they hold, or where it is kept, reports Computing.co.uk. Six Degrees Group (6DG), who conducted the survey, received responses from 302 UK local authorities to its Freedom of... Read more

Today’s top tech news

A company offering software that allows people to spy on others has admitted it has been hacked and had thousands of customer records leaked online, reports BBC.co.uk. The admission comes a day after mSpy told BBC News it had not... Read more

Today’s top tech news

Cashless payments have overtaken the use of notes and coins for the first time, reports BBC.co.uk. The Payments Council said the use of cash by consumers, business and financial organisations fell to 48 per cent of payments last year. The... Read more

Today’s top tech news

The British Information Commissioner has demanded that Europe take a “practical” approach to protecting the data rights of its citizens, reports CBROnline.com. Christopher Graham warned the European Conference of Data Protection Authorities that the digital revolution was not waiting for... Read more

Today’s top tech news

Baroness Joanna Shields has been appointed as the UK’s minister for internet safety and security, reports CBROnline.com. Shields will be the Conservative led government head for cybercrime and hacking. Prime Minister David Cameron recruited Shields to chair Tech City UK... Read more