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Today’s top stories

Industry digest
Online gossip site, Gawker Media, has experienced a cyber attack enabling spammers to take over thousands of Twitter accounts
, reports BBC News Online. A group calling itself "Gnosis" acquired and then released a 500MB file containing Twitter user data on the file-sharing system Bittorrent. Spammers were then able to break into thousands of Twitter accounts where users had used the same or weak passwords.

 The national security adviser, Sir Peter Ricketts, has warned permanent secretaries that "hacktivists" who last week targeted the sites of companies such as MasterCard and PayPal could switch their focus to Britain. The news comes as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is due to appear in court today. Extra security measures have been added to selected government web services and in particular those used to claim benefits or provide tax information. See the full story in The Independent.

Google's new cloud computing operating system, ChromeOS, looks like a plan "to push people into careless computing" by forcing them to store their data in the cloud rather than on machines directly under their control, warns Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation and creator of the operating system GNU. He warns that many could lose their legal right to data if it is stored on a company's machine in the cloud rather than on your own. Read the full story in The Guardian.


More Technology Digest

Today’s top tech news

The vast majority of CIOs are worried that cloud computing is reducing their organisation’s control over IT and creating long-term security risks, reports Computing.co.uk. That’s according to an independent survey of UK CIOs from enterprises with over 1,000 employees, which... Read more

Today’s top tech news

A government study has found that paid-for or subscription media services are popular with British internet users, but that piracy is still relatively common, reports V3.co.uk. Research by the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) found that one in five citizens... Read more

Today’s top tech news

GCHQ has launched two paid placement schemes for university students, reports V3.co.uk. The schemes are open to all UK nationals aged 18 or above who are studying a technical qualification such as Computer Science, Telecoms or Network Engineering. Successful candidates... Read more

Today’s top tech news

Microsoft has reported its highest ever net loss in the latest financial quarter in the wake of writing billions off the value of Nokia’s handset division, reports Telegraph.co.uk. The net loss of $3.2bn was announced alongside revenues of $22.18bn, a... Read more

Today’s top tech news

More than $66bn has been wiped off the value of Apple after the iPhone maker’s results sparked fears the popularity of its gadgets had peaked, reports Telegraph.co.uk. The company failed to sell as many units of its iconic smartphone as analysts... Read more