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Today’s top tech news

Virgin Media has become the first British internet service provider (ISP) to block customer access to The Pirate Bay file-sharing website, reports the Telegraph. The move comes just days after a High Court order ruled UK ISPs, including Sky and Everything Everywhere, must block the website. A call for the block was made in an application by the British music industry trade body, the BPI. The Pirate Bay offers links for users to download copyrighted material such as songs, films and TV shows.

BBC News Online has reported on a ruling in Germany banning the sale of a number of Microsoft products, including the company’s Windows 7 operating system and Xbox 360 videogames console. The injunction follows claims by Motorola Mobility that Microsoft had infringed two patents necessary to offer H.264 video coding and playback. However, the ruling cannot be enforced until a judge in Seattle lifts a restraining order on Motorola, which was put in place after Microsoft claimed the Swedish company was abusing its ‘Frand’ commitments to licence innovative widely-used technologies under “fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory” terms.

A study conducted by a Swedish university has reported a 40% increase in the number of young adults between 15-25 years old using virtual private networks (VPNs) to aid anonymous file sharing of music and films, reports BBC News Online. An independent music analyst, Mark Mulligan, said VPNs could become “the next front in the battle against piracy”. The study’s publication comes in the week UK internet service providers have been told in a High Court order to block access to file-sharing website, The Pirate Bay.



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Today’s tech news

T-Mobile customer data stolen from Experian is already on the Dark Web, reports Telegraph.co.uk. Experian, the world’s biggest consumer credit monitoring firm, is poised for its worst trading session in 18 months after it revealed a massive data breach on... Read more

Today’s top tech news

A billion Android smartphones and tablets are at risk from a new bug that can infect devices when they preview audio or video files, reports Telegraph.co.uk. The security flaw carries many of the same features as the text message Stagefright... Read more

Today’s top tech news

Apple has clashed with UK police forces, refusing to reduce the level of encryption on its devices, reports CBROnline.com. Police claim they are being stifled in their duties, and that not being able to access data held on Apple devices... Read more

Today’s top tech news

Thousands of critical medical systems, such as MRI scanners, are available for hackers to access online, reports BBC.co.uk. Security researchers also revealed that they had created fake medical devices which attracted thousands of hackers. Hospitals whose networking equipment and administrative... Read more

Today’s top tech news

More than 650,000 Chinese smartphones have been unwittingly enrolled in a cyber attack that overwhelmed a web server, reports BBC.co.uk. The attack saw the target site hit with 4.5 billion separate requests for data in one day. The tidal wave... Read more