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Today’s top tech news

The BBC reports that British police have arrested a teenage boy, purportedly a member of hacking group Team Poison. He is alleged to be the spokesman of the group, which has claimed responsibility for more than 1, 400 illegal activities. Arrested under the Computer Misuse Act 1990, his computer equipment has been seized by the authorities and is currently being examined by forensics. It is believed that Team Poison, which identifies itself as ‘TeaMp0isoN’ online, is responsible for a number of high profile attacks including that of Tony Blair’s online address book and of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile. It is also believed to have been responsible for the publishing of recordings of Scotland Yard officers discussing confidential hacking investigations with American law enforcement. The operation was carried out by Northumbria Police and supported by the Police Central eCrime Unit.

Sony has reported record losses of £3.6bn for the last financial year writes The Guardian. The poor results have been blamed by those in the industry on the company’s struggling television manufacturing business and a lack of new products. Sony has seen its share price slip to a 25 year low and is valued at just £9bn, far behind Apple. To combat this, the newly appointed chief executive Kazuo Hirai is cutting some 10,000 jobs and wants to turn around the TV side of the business which has lost more than £7bn in the last 9 years. The company has sketched out a future driven by sales of video games, cameras and mobile devices such as the Xperia smartphone, as well as medical devices and electric-car batteries.



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Today’s tech news

T-Mobile customer data stolen from Experian is already on the Dark Web, reports Telegraph.co.uk. Experian, the world’s biggest consumer credit monitoring firm, is poised for its worst trading session in 18 months after it revealed a massive data breach on... Read more

Today’s top tech news

A billion Android smartphones and tablets are at risk from a new bug that can infect devices when they preview audio or video files, reports Telegraph.co.uk. The security flaw carries many of the same features as the text message Stagefright... Read more

Today’s top tech news

Apple has clashed with UK police forces, refusing to reduce the level of encryption on its devices, reports CBROnline.com. Police claim they are being stifled in their duties, and that not being able to access data held on Apple devices... Read more

Today’s top tech news

Thousands of critical medical systems, such as MRI scanners, are available for hackers to access online, reports BBC.co.uk. Security researchers also revealed that they had created fake medical devices which attracted thousands of hackers. Hospitals whose networking equipment and administrative... Read more

Today’s top tech news

More than 650,000 Chinese smartphones have been unwittingly enrolled in a cyber attack that overwhelmed a web server, reports BBC.co.uk. The attack saw the target site hit with 4.5 billion separate requests for data in one day. The tidal wave... Read more